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  • Case Keenum wants to throw to Andre Johnson

    Texans backup quarterback Case Keenum wants to work on his craft during the break before training camp. And he wants to do so with a guy none of the Texans' quarterbacks threw to this offseason. Kennum told Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com that he ...

  • Case Keenum praised by Bill O'Brien for intangibles after keeping roster spot

    Houston Texans backup quarterback Case Keenum was locked in a competition with T.J. Yates to stay on the roster, and Keenum unsurprisingly won out with youth being an advantage. He didn't exactly play well last year as Matt Schaub's replacement, but ...

  • Enrique Burak: Días Moviditos

    Fitzpatrick se impuso a Case Keenum, que reemplazó a Schaub a mediados de la campaña pasada, a T. J. Yates, y al novato Tom Savage, de la Universidad de Pittsburgh, seleccionado en la cuarta ronda del reclutamiento. Mientras tanto en Cleveland, ...

  • Is Andre Johnson Selling the Texans Short?

    He was replaced by T.J Yates who quickly yielded the job to rookie Case Keenum, who did his best to keep the sinking ship the Texans season had become upright. QB is once again being pointed to as a fatal flaw in the Texans chances to rise from the ...

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